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Hello, my name is Jennifer (or Jen for short).  


I am the business owner and operator of Fleetingtime Photography, which was created and opened in 2013. My business is my baby, and everything that happens within the business, from first contact, marketing, finances, photo-taking, and editing is all done by me. I wear many hats in my business, but every aspect is lovingly completed by me.  Each client becomes part of my extended family and is treated with love, respect, and care during every aspect of the photography process. 


Photography has been in my blood since childhood, but nine years ago I decided to study photography and started my life as a professional photographer, after spending a few decades in the corporate world.  Although many photographers have influenced my work along the way, I have created my style which I consider to be more natural with minimal editing to remove blemishes.


I grew up in the Republic of South Africa, but have been very fortunate to visit and live in different countries which has all added to my personal growth as well as allowed me to make friends in different corners of the globe.  I currently live in a relatively small town in China with my wonderful husband.


I am also passionate about personal development, so I am continually learning new skills that all add to my life experience and knowledge.  Since I love yoga, I became a certified yoga teacher in 2017 and thus spend most evenings giving yoga classes.  A few years ago, I received the calling for teaching and fell in love with the teaching profession.  So, I decided that I wanted to better myself by completing my Masters of Art in International Education in 2022. 


Nowadays, I spend my time as a professional photographer, and teacher which brings me immense satisfaction and joy.  In my spare time, I love to knit my photography props, embroider small projects, read, travel, or take long walks with my husband.  I also love Christmas and coffee.


If you have any questions, please let me know, as I would love to hear from you.


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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams



'Thanks to Jen for shooting the beautiful photos. She is such a good photographer, kind, sweet, warm, enthusiastic and professional. I love the photos so much.'

Julie.L. – Lanzhou, China

More Testimonials

“Jennifer is an inspired, energetic photographer that I had ever met. With passion for every new things, she challenges herself to achieve what she want, and she did it! It’s a wonderful time to have photo shooting with her. As an impressional model, she always encourages me to relax in front of the camera with various ways. When the photos came out I was surprised with how good I look like through her camera. Really thank her hardworking.”
Alice Z.
Foshan, China
“I did a lot of shooting in the modeling but I never felt so comfortable and I never had so much fun like with Jennifer, she’s not only professional but she has a touch of humor that transforms the work into fun and allows the model to use its full potential, she has a very good sense of observation,captive to any pose of model and know how to make it magical, it's an honor for me to have worked with a photographer who has so much energy and professionalism. I hope we will have the chance to work again.”
Steven M.
Guangzhou, China
“We had the pleasure to have Jen make our pregnancy pictures as well as our new born pictures. She did such an amazing job and we can not recommend her enough. She was very flexible and generous with her time. When the time came for our new born pictures she spent so much quality time making sure the baby was full, warm and just comfortable, she even let us include my mum on the pictures, which wasn't part of the plan, but she graciously allowed us to. Jen is professional and passionate about her photography, and it shows on every single shot she takes. We will treasure those pictures forever, so thank you Jen for that you shall never be forgotten."
Esmeralda J.
Panama, C.Amer.
“"I was very happy to be Jennifer's shooting object.  The sun was very bright that day but it didn't bother us at all.  Jennifer is a very professional photographer.  She has taught me how to pose for photos that are natural and realistic." 
Vivian K.
Foshan, China
"Jennifer is a great photographer.  When I had my photos taken, she was very good at directing me so that I look more beautiful and the images look nice.  Before the photo shoot, she went to find some suitable places to take the photos which showed professionalism." 
Vanni T.
Foshan, China
“What a wonderful shooting experience with my amazing friend Jennifer. She is such a professional photographer,facilitator and instructor that we finally had a relaxing shooting tour in Foshan, though neither of us is a professional model. Moreover, this cross-cultural cooperation broaden both of our life vision once in the century. Thank you soooooo much for this album. If you are also interested in owning great photos about important life events, do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Venter.”
Victoria C.
Foshan, China

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