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Hi there! My name is Jennifer, but please call me Jen. I am a South African currently living in Lanzhou, China.

Photography has been part of my life for as long as I can remember but I have been a professional photographer for the past seven years. I am a passionate trained photographer, but I have added my own personality and style despite having done traditional photography courses.

I love travelling and meeting new people so naturally, my photos fall into two categories: people and travel.  I am so fortunate to have photographed wonderful clients in South Africa, Panama, and China.

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“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

– Ernst Haas



‘Jennifer is a great photographer providing professional, flexible and fun services. She is INCREDIBLE. We are thrilled with how well our our photos came out and had a great day working with you. Would recommend for all special events.’

Pooja P. – Lanzhou, China

More Testimonials

“Jennifer is an inspired, energetic photographer that I had ever met. With passion for every new things, she challenges herself to achieve what she want, and she did it! It’s a wonderful time to have photo shooting with her. As an impressional model, she always encourages me to relax in front of the camera with various ways. When the photos came out I was surprised with how good I look like through her camera. Really thank her hardworking.”
Alice Z.
Foshan, China
“I did a lot of shooting in the modeling but I never felt so comfortable and I never had so much fun like with Jennifer, she’s not only professional but she has a touch of humor that transforms the work into fun and allows the model to use its full potential, she has a very good sense of observation,captive to any pose of model and know how to make it magical, it's an honor for me to have worked with a photographer who has so much energy and professionalism. I hope we will have the chance to work again.”
Steven M.
Guangzhou, China
“Some thoughts about photography.First of all, I am very grateful to Jennifer for giving us this opportunity. The shooting and the post work are very patient. I am very grateful to Jennifer for her efforts. Without your efforts, we would not have such a good photo. Second, it was our first personal photo shoot and it was a little stressful, but under Jennifer’s guidance, we managed to make this one very enjoyable one. Finally, I want to thank Jennifer again. Looking forward to Jennifer’s post-photographic work. Jennifer is really beautiful, and we like you a lot!"
Gillian L.
Foshan, China
“"I was very happy to be Jennifer's shooting object.  The sun was very bright that day but it didn't bother us at all.  Jennifer is a very professional photographer.  She has taught me how to pose for photos that are natural and realistic." 
Vivian K.
Foshan, China
"Jennifer is a great photographer.  When I had my photos taken, she was very good at directing me so that I look more beautiful and the images look nice.  Before the photo shoot, she went to find some suitable places to take the photos which showed professionalism." 
Vanni T.
Foshan, China
“What a wonderful shooting experience with my amazing friend Jennifer. She is such a professional photographer,facilitator and instructor that we finally had a relaxing shooting tour in Foshan, though neither of us is a professional model. Moreover, this cross-cultural cooperation broaden both of our life vision once in the century. Thank you soooooo much for this album. If you are also interested in owning great photos about important life events, do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Venter.”
Victoria C.
Foshan, China

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